Vlad Sokolovsky afraid to contradict his wife

Влад Соколовский боится перечить жене The singer openly spoke about his family life with Rita Dakota. Young people rarely fight, and all thanks to the peaceful policy of Vlad, taking into account the explosive nature of his wife.

      Влад Соколовский боится перечить жене

      24-year-old singer and ex-member of “factory of stars” Vlad Sokolovsky married to Margarita Gerasimovich, better known under the pseudonym Rita Dakota for about a year, and they know each other for eight years. Happy spouses do not cease to share photos on social media and tell in numerous interviews how much they love each other. Fans of artists believe: beautiful couple in Russian show business does not exist, while in the West competition Vlad and Rita may be the only brad pitt and Angelina Jolie.

      The other day Sokolovsky told journalists the details of their family life with Rita Dakota, the owners of powerful vocals and charismatic looks. Fans of the girls call her “the rock lady”. The reason for that is unusual, vivid image of the actress and her rebellious nature. She has several tattoos brutal – for example, the entire right hand of the singer jam-Packed wearable drawings, and in the clothes Rita is very niebanalna. The girl can easily see at a social event in a long dress and casual shoes, as well as in sneakers and baggy pants.

      As it turned out, Rita Dakota — a girl with character, not only on stage but also in life. Even her husband periodically afraid to stand up to her, too this can be a risky business. At first, Vlad feared her say a word against it, but eventually realized how to communicate with his beloved.

      “Rita is a girl with character. I first thought that I would be hard somewhere in her mind. But, as a rule, it always gets to the point. I usually have no complaints, and if there is, I say this right. But not from a position to hurt or offend, but with the promise that, come on, they say, everything will change”, — Sokolovsky has told in an interview with People Talk.

      In addition, Vlad also told journalists that a marriage should be built on mutual understanding. Opposites, according to singer, can’t create a good family. He and Rita Dakota perfectly understand each other. For the first time they met in their Teens when they were 16-17 years old, and their relationship has built by themselves, naturally.

      We will remind, in the beginning, Vlad and Rita were just friends at “star Factory”, they called each other “brother and sister”. After the end of the project for a long time they talked, but the artists have mutual friends, which was their fateful meeting. Vlad and Rita met at a private party of friends and couldn’t leave. Wedding of young people took place in June 2015.

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