Vlad Sokolovsky about crime in Bali: “I’m literally speechless…”

Влад Соколовский о криминале на Бали: «Я буквально потерял дар речи...»
Russian singer showed detective skills and figured out the thief.

Vlad Sokolovsky

Photo: @vs20 Instagram

Vlad Sokolovskiy has disclosed the details of the story with the robbery rented for a family vacation villas in Bali. Four days ago in the night the home was stolen of the bike, taken by the Russian hire. Singer from the beginning, was confused by the fact that the thieves did not touch the valuable things you can take with them. Cameras, mobile phones and even cash not interested in criminals. Why? Sokolowski conducted its own investigation and found the answer to this question.

As suggested by Vlad, Villa robbed a person working in the firm for the motorbike rental. The crime was committed for the purpose of receiving from the pop artist of compensation for loss of the bike. “Tell! I’m in 4th again came to the police because most of the day yesterday sitting in the hotel opposite our Villa, where he stole my bike, and has watched the exterior camera. I gathered the entire history of who and how many went and came by that same ill-fated night. The guy who rented me the bike, came to the police station on gray toned Honda (important fact). All these days he was calm appropriate person wishing to solve the question. He didn’t care who I am or the staff of our Villa will pay him rp 14.000.000. (1.000 small dollars), the main thing — to solve the issue. And then I discovered that night, at 4:36 am, his car drove past the camera in the direction of our Villa! Pam-pam.

I saw how he left this car from the police station and was literally speechless when he saw it! I ran to the police station to our officer and asked me to return this chudil, showed the COP a photo of the machine and exact time, and then came back and the guy on the machine! In short… some kind of circus performance, and most importantly: what kind of chicken you need to have to come to the office on the same car? I think the final very close, and most importantly, that I’m in this situation is crystal clear, and the police knows it! Be careful, my friends, do not relax much. P. S. it Turns out that I independently conducted all of the work for the police and took them well, possible facts, to lock up this guy,” — said Vlad.

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