Vlad Listyev was having an affair with friend wife

У Влада Листьева был роман с подругой жены

Journalist Evgeny Dodolev, a colleague of the famous TV presenter Vlad listeva, preparing a documentary for the anniversary of the slain reporter – 10 may not help anything would have turned 60 years old. Dodolev has already written a biography of Vlad Leaves. Partisan Requiem”, and is currently working on a book of memoirs “Vlad Leaves. Was or was not.” The memoirs formed the basis of an eponymous documentary, which tells about the last love Vlad.

The film tells about the feelings of listeva to the Faith of Ogryzkov, friend, gynecologist and his wife Albina Nazimova.

“Faith was not a mistress, and the woman he loved Vlad. They met on the tennis court. Shortly before the death of Listyev, they appeared together in companies, they are perceived as a couple,” says Dodolev.

Producer Rome Shulgin says in the tape that after the death of Vlad, she and her husband, using connections, helped the Faith to say goodbye to him in the morgue.

“It wasn’t easy: after all, the morgue was guarded by not only the police, but and Committee members, and the murder investigation was under the control of Yeltsin. After that the Faith came to the funeral Listyev, but from there it brought over to comply with the measures of decency. In the morgue she was given to say farewell on condition that she will not come to the funeral. They were attended by Albina Nazimova, and Belief there was not,” — said the journalist.

To participate in the filming of Faith refused – not willing to sell themselves to the name “the man who loved her and wanted to make her my wife”.

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