Vlad Lisovets spoke about his illegitimate children Not many people knew that the feminine Vlad Lisovets, it turns out, have kids.

Vlad Lisovets told about his illegitimate children He himself told about this in last year without going into details. Now the 49-year-old stylist is more talkative.

Vlad Lisovets spoke about his illegitimate children

He admitted that he has two daughters, who were born by his longtime lover. He found out about them a long time ago, only the woman accused him of paternity, and then suddenly changed her shoes, took her words back. Well, after some time, she presented him with her heirs again. their illegitimate children” />

Lisovets maintains friendly relations with his ex-lover and is always interested in “how are the girls?”, well, that's all. At the moment, the daughters of the stylist are 26 years old. Vlad does not support any communication with them, just as he never provided them with financial assistance, they say, their mother did not ask for money, so he did not bother. so as not to tie him to yourself and not burden him. Why would that be?

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