Влад Лисовец открывает школу стиля The stylist will be teaching in your own home. Become the apprentice of the celebrity could be anyone. Vlad Lisovets expects to make the courses available to ordinary people who would like to learn how to care for themselves.

      Recently Vlad Lisovets has won auction on rent area of 400 square meters on the first floor of the house where he lives. Celebrity stylist shared with “StarHit” their plans for the use of that space. It turned out that he hopes to bring to life a dream that never left him the last five years.

      “I’ll open my own school where I teach style not only specialists but also ordinary men and women, – has shared with “StarHit” the Lisovets. I’m ready to gather a group of 20 people and tell them how to find their way, to become bolder and more confident. I hope you will join women and men of a certain age that I will be able to help. I’m not a boy — August 9 I will be 44 years old.So there is something to share with their peers. You will soon get the keys and begin to make repairs in a new building. I hope in the next few months to finish it”.

      It is noteworthy that the stylist literally everything is at hand and beloved family, and work. Through the wall in the next apartment – living his mother Tatiana. Fashion expert mother moved from Baku to Moscow a few years ago. His apartment on the fifth floor of Vlad bought six years ago, and the second for the mom’s in April 2014. Three months made in the apartment repairs, so in July, has already celebrated the housewarming. Area mother’s apartment of 80 square meters, there are two rooms: one lives Tatyana Ivanovna, the other with her sister, 75-year-old Svetlana.

      “I have long ago moved aunt of Baku, together they are fun,” explained Lisovets. By the way, the third room, which was located in my mother’s apartment, Vlad joined her, turning into the guest. Recent years, Tatyana Ivanovna sister lived near the Institute of emergency care named. N. In. Sklifosofskiy. To move to a new place is not very wanted. “Mom doesn’t like change,” explained Vlad. – In the last apartment, everything reminded her of dad. But I cheated – they say you’re at that age, you need attention. And she surrendered.

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