Влад Кадони взял в ипотеку роскошный коттедж The famous magician became the owner of real estate in the suburbs. Vlad Kadono, already planning how he will arrange housing and what it would do to decorate the area. Employee famous telestroke’ve been dreaming about this pokupke.

      Влад Кадони взял в ипотеку роскошный коттедж

      Leading “House-2” on TNT Vlad Kadoni next year will celebrate the housewarming. He recently purchased a townhouse about ten kilometers from the capital on the Warsaw highway. “South, the direction I have chosen, says 30-year-old Kadono. To get to the site of “House-2″, you need only 15 minutes by car. Besides, had long dreamed of living in the fresh air.”

      The price of the townhouse 6.4 million rubles, the magician had to arrange a mortgage. The area of the house, which is located Kadono next fall, is 180 square meters. It will be a spacious kitchen and five bedrooms, two of which are for guests.

      “The walls I decided to paint in dark colors, says television presenter. – Furniture order in England, in France Wallpaper. The living room is the space under the shelves with books – I have a lot of them. A separate wardrobe planned out for the fancy things. The living room is perfectly visible garden, I will plant Apple, pear…”
      Влад Кадони взял в ипотеку роскошный коттедж

      In the village a total of 250 cottages, it will have all amenities: grocery shops, gym and school. For the safety of the star is also possible not to worry – the village is guarded round the clock.

      By the way, not so long ago Kadono had to spend – MAG has invested 8 million rubles in the creation of his own boutique selling perfumes, “Kadono Studio”. However, the aroma from the star, famous telestroke will be able to buy not everyone. The cost of a perfume is at least 18 thousand rubles. Vlad explained in detail “StarHit” it is so overpriced.

      “Our perfume is a product for sophisticated people who understand that the flavor, which worked a strong psychic, is a physical substance that can affect the energy of the owner and the people around him” – shared Kadono.

      According to a leading “House-2”, its perfume and toilet water endowed with magical properties, and each fragrance carries a certain task. Girls who hope to attract men, soon to marry or to move up the career ladder, becoming the owners of the spirits of the magician, according to his confessions, you will get everything you desire. By the way, the ruler of the magical perfume has more than thirty flavors. Apparently, Kadono have tried and thought through all details to help people and make good money.