Vlad Kadono spoke about the problems with Finance

Влад Кадони заговорил о проблемах с финансами Leading outraged by the actions of Bank employees who failed to provide promised services credit card. Now Vlad kadoni urge to repay the debt in the amount of several tens of thousands of rubles.

Leading project “Dom-2” and a former participant of “the battle of psychics” Vlad Kadoni recently told reporters about his attitude towards credit institutions. The TV star revealed that when choosing a Bank it is important for the reputation and good service. Personal savings man prefers to keep ruble.

Problem among men arose when he received a map of a fairly large Bank. According to Kadono, the question still remains suspended. It all started when Vlad turned to the police, and he was given a credit card for VIP-conditions, the maintenance of which costs 15 thousand rubles per year.

“I once again said, credit card is because you need to understand what I’m going to pay the money. Explained everything to me with the words: “Yes, it is a credit card. The only thing you temporarily do not open the credit limit of only three months,” said the man.

However, over time the Bank’s representatives did not keep his word. The facilitator opened the limit, and in support said that now is the temporary technical difficulties. Vlad also recommended using the map of 10-20 thousand rubles. Buy with a credit card for another two months, Kadono never received the promised service.

“I refused the card. At the moment the Bank is trying to charge me 45 thousand rubles. I regularly come SMS with the requirements to repay the debt. Audacity. And does it have a limit, I don’t know. What’s going on, I don’t know. (…) Maybe I came across incompetent employees. Maybe it does fraudulent actions”, – said Vlad.

Kadono says he got a call from the Bank only once. The employee of the organization encouraged him to apply for a loan. “I asked her for help in solving my problem, I followed the answer: “It’s not my Department. It doesn’t concern me,” said the presenter.

In the future Vlad is going to solve the problem. Now the man is simply no time for this. In recognition of the lead, he is very serious. Kadono does not hide the indignation of actions of employees of the credit institution. “If the case goes to court, I will throw all possible resources in order to defend their honor and dignity”, – quotes the TV star Banki.ru.