Vlad Kadono: “my beloved do not want a wedding”

Влад Кадони: «Мы с любимой пока не хотим свадьбу» Leading “House-2” have agreed to the experiment “StarHit” and revealed to us in a new way. Vlad Kadoni explained why postpone the wedding and what topics are not committed mother.

  • MY CAR is ALWAYS… drive Buzova, “Imodium” and the electrical racket for killing wasps terribly afraid of them. All these things are unrelated, but each is very useful.
  • Don’T LIKE it WHEN FANS call me “you”. I’m always a stranger say “you”, even if it is of no special interest. This upbringing. And a shock to me that it is not such a large number of people. Especially in men.
  • NEVER LET the MOTHER… to interfere in my personal life. The woman and the work you choose. I am first and foremost for comfort in relationships.

I WOULD NOT WANT to get STUCK IN the ELEVATOR… with Nikita Dzhigurda, or Vladimir Zhirinovsky. And I think this brand is equivalent to a nuisance. Only in the first case I would go deaf, and the second lost his mind.

  • THANKS to the PROJECT “HOUSE-2″… I ceased to be offended. Two years was a member of telestroke, and now I do not care what they say about me, is not afraid of any gossip.
  • IF I COULD go BACK… I would have still graduated. At the time, left education halfway and I’m very sorry.
  • Don’T WEAR LEGGINGS, BECAUSE… do not like anything tight. In clothing, as in thought, must be freedom.
  • I am ASHAMED of THAT SOMETIMES… I do not hold back on work and allow a personal relationship to the participants of the project. But I’m struggling with this. Actually, I should say my character is stupid. I try to change.
  • MORE ON the PROJECT…it ANNOYS ME when family members consider themselves smarter than the viewer and forget that in this story the main thing – it, not them.
  • IF I COULD TURN PEOPLE INTO ANIMALS… and if I didn’t say. The real power must always hide, otherwise people waking up in fear. It is better to create the impression of being very limited.

I MADE a MALE PLASTIC… to catch the hype. Then, 7 years ago, I had more important process than the outcome. Now – attention! – question: “was there plastic?”

  • I don’T LIKE the NAME VICTOR BECAUSE… it means “winner” in and of itself requires a transformation of life in a war that you must win. And if you constantly fight, no time for love, creativity and simple human happiness. So I changed my birth name is Victor Vlad.
  • I BECAME the FIRST MAN-LEADING “HOUSE-2″… due to the fact that the project needed a negative character, the hero-antagonist. And here I am with my charisma – a perfect hit.
  • I’m STILL NOT MARRIED BECAUSE… we’re with the beloved, yet do not want.

Don’T ADVERTISE your PERSONAL LIFE, because… Dating is very complicated and quite non-public girl. She has no Instagram, she lives in a different reality, and absolutely not accept the public attention to his person. Yes, and I have no desire to wash us to the bone. Why? My home is my castle, not a stage for discussion.

  • I DREAM THAT on INSTAGRAM I was… the Queen of England. She did not understand from the posts, but I will be pleased.
  • In 10 YEARS I WILL be… to raise children, to work on the TV and opened a school of conflict resolution.
  • NEVER TELL CHILDREN THAT… their dad in his youth had smoked four packs of cigarettes a day.
  • I HAVE to SAVE money ON… clothes. So accustomed to dress only in the frame, which in ordinary life almost do not update the closet. This is not necessary.
  • On INSTAGRAM I WOULD NEVER do… has to promote what you tried or what not sure.