Vlad kadoni provoked scandal on the project “Dom-2”

Влад Кадони спровоцировал скандал на проекте «Дом-2» According to Vitaly Cooper, who left the show, broadcaster along with Tata Abramson pierced on a motorcycle party wheels and damaged wheels. He has refused to pay damages, although the young man insisted on it, so he went to the police.

      Влад Кадони спровоцировал скандал на проекте «Дом-2»

      Ex-member of “House-2” Vitaliy Cooper filed a complaint with the police leading to Vlad kadoni. According to him, a psychic and another girl from the project Tata Abramson intentionally damaged his bike. He believes that this action was splanirovano in advance. After the incident, he demands reparations for the damage of property.

      Vitaly said that he was asked to bring the motorcycle to arrange a date with a member of the project Tatyana Kuznetsova. Cooper told how it all happened.

      “I left it in the Parking lot, as it turned out later, Vlad kadoni. Parking was quite a lot, it was an accident. After that I radioed and asked to move the bike, which I did. When it was time to go on a date, I went to the door and saw a lot of operators participating in the project Tattoo Abramson, a cutting wheel on my motorcycle allegedly out of jealousy, and Kadono, who takes it all on camera,” said the young man to the reporters.

      Cooper noted that the vehicle has been damaged: he had a flat tire and scratched the rim. The young man was not allowed to go beyond the limits of the project and to write a statement about property damage. After this adversity, pursuing Vitali on the show is not over. After a few days because of Abramson he smashed the phone. And on 16 April the party decided to expel from the project in a public vote.

      According to Vitaly, the initiator of this combination of circumstances could be Vlad kadoni. In turn, a leading filming the whole process, damage to the motorcycle on camera and posted on his microblog. One of the videos he even signed “Tata and former motorcycle. I’m in shock”. Some subscribers have called upon him to reason with her, and some, on the contrary, considered that it is impossible to offend the girls, and Tata was right in her revenge.

      Video published Vladislav Kadoni (@vladislavkadoni) APR 4 2016 11:16 PDT

      After Vitaly left the project, he was resolute and wanted to obtain monetary compensation for damage of property. The young man has already written an appeal in the judicial area, for law enforcement to deal with the situation.

      “Let them all be solved legally. Now I’m waiting for a response from the police,” said Cooper in an interview with “Life”.

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