Владу Кадони приписывают роман с продюсером «Битвы экстрасенсов» According to some reports, leading project “Dom-2” was found with a colleague from the channel TNT. Vlad Kadoni not beloved shows to the General public, however, does not deny that his heart is occupied. Reporters learned that the magician meets with a former colleague.

      Владу Кадони приписывают роман с продюсером «Битвы экстрасенсов»

      For several months fans of Vlad kadoni was wondering who he spends his free time. In some pictures the leading “House-2” flashed a mysterious stranger. Subscribers microblog psychic asked him who she was, but he never confessed.

      Journalists managed to find out that the magician is Dating 38-year-old Anna Devitskiy. The woman worked as a producer on “the battle of psychics”. According to some reports, they met on the set. However, at first we were strictly on business. Relations Kadono and Devitskiy moved to another level when she resigned from the project. Rumor has it that Anna had to leave the crew, as management was afraid that may leak information.

      Kadono and Devitskaya do not attend social events together, and Dating choose a very secluded places where they will not find the paparazzi. However, the MAG occasionally shares photos of dinners, which you can see next to him a woman.

      According to life.ru several months ago lovers spent a holiday in a luxury Turkish hotel. At the resort the couple went on the same flight. Kadono still confirmed to journalists that meets Devitskiy, but no details are reported. “My personal life that I do not intend to discuss in the press. Excuse me, but I have nothing more to tell,” said the magician.

      Recall that in different periods of life Kadono met with Valeria Gai Valeriya, as well as participants “House-2”: Inna Volovicheva and Nelly Ermolaeva. However, after the reality show he did not advertise the relations with your beloved. Earlier, in an interview with “StarHit” the magician explained that he was tired of the gossip about yourself.

      “But from the press with his beloved we agreed to hide the relationship, all went wrong last fall with Valeria Gai Valeriya. We had a period of uncertainty: like Dating, but we a couple or not couple? The Internet was buzzing, discussing us. But Germanicus is very on the opinions of others. Although our relations were, on the commuter train similar: arrived quickly, just drove off. Such “suburban train” was a lot, I’m bored, I want something serious,” admitted Vlad.