Vlad Kadoni first sweetheart: “she makes me happy”

Влад Кадони впервые о возлюбленной: «Рядом с ней я безмерно счастлив» Leading “House-2” told the truth about the relationship with a colleague. With the former producer of “the battle of psychics” Anna Devitskaya Vlad Kadoni found for six years. The man is doing everything to keep this novel from too much attention.

      Влад Кадони впервые о возлюбленной: «Рядом с ней я безмерно счастлив»

      Despite the fact that the presenter of the program “Dom-2” Vlad Kadoni encourages all contestants to openly discuss their attitudes and feelings, the man himself prefers to remain silent about what is happening in his personal life. However, the journalists managed to decipher his beloved mage. It was a former producer of the program “Battle of psychics” Anna Devitskaya. The couple meets for the past several years. Vlad Kadoni was first told “StarHit” about your feelings for the beloved.

      “From the great love of your publication first and last time I will comment on his personal life. We together for six years. Anna I love very much. However, to flaunt our relationship is considered invalid. Happiness love peace, – said the presenter. And next to her I am extremely happy. To hide it is silly. But further comments don’t intend to give. In the phrase “my personal life” the key word is “personal”.

      For several months fans piled Kadono questions about who appears next to him in photos. Vlad took pictures so that you could not see the girl’s face than even more fueled public interest in her personal life. As it turned out, Anne was eight years older than darling, but this age difference does not prevent them from being a harmonious couple.

      Влад Кадони впервые о возлюбленной: «Рядом с ней я безмерно счастлив»

      Apparently, the man had serious intentions towards his beloved and now he tries to do everything to his favorite of anything not needed. Not so long ago it became known that the leading “House-2” through the year will celebrate the housewarming. He bought a townhouse ten kilometers from the capital on the Warsaw highway. It is possible that the man will drive with Anna. For the sake of improving their living conditions Kadono was forced to issue a mortgage, as luxury mansion has cost him almost six and a half million rubles.

      Vlad Kadono took out a mortgage luxury cottage