Vlad Kadoni experiencing money problems

Влад Кадони испытывает проблемы с деньгами
Recently the presenter of the popular TV project “Dom-2” Vlad Kadoni in conversation with journalists has told about his attitude to the organizations issuing loans.

Влад Кадони испытывает проблемы с деньгами

With the problems Vlad has faced when he issued a credit card for VIP-conditions, the maintenance of which years removed of 15 thousand rubles.

“I once again said, credit card is because you need to understand what I’m going to pay the money. Explained everything to me with the words: “Yes, it is a credit card. The only thing you temporarily do not open credit limit only three months”, – said Kadono.

But even after that time, the promised service was not provided.

“I refused the card. At the moment the Bank is trying to charge me 45 thousand rubles. I regularly come SMS with the requirements to repay the debt. Audacity. And does it have a limit, I don’t know. What’s going on, I don’t know. (…) Maybe I came across incompetent employees. Maybe it is fraud,” says the man.

Vlad admits that if necessary will go to court and will solve the problem by law.

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