Vlad Kadoni commented on the scandalous facts about the “Battle of psychics”

Влад Кадони прокомментировал скандальные факты о «Битве экстрасенсов» The man frankly told about the relation to the popular project. Vlad Kadoni believes that show come talented clairvoyants who truly possess the gift. He denies the fact of purchase of prizes.

Now Vlad Kadoni leads “Dom-2”, but when he was a member of “the battle of psychics”. The young man was able to prove their ability, after many difficult trials. However, despite the support of fans, the magician was not able to enter the top three.

At the moment, Kadono has positioned itself more as a showman, but also to develop their supernatural powers.. the Man decided to stand up for the popular project and spoke about fraud at the “Battle of psychics.”

“If in the “Battle of psychics” was decided bonds or money, me and my hand would be a reality, you can believe me on word. Video, television devoid of logic and based on kinolyapyi, not talking about anything except the desire of individual personalities to make a name for a certain segment of the audience. Heroes who speak the test, that they are in shock, and then under the pressure of being told that not everything is so rosy, do not prove anything”, – said Vlad.

The man is sure that the project mostly come talented psychics who are really able to help people. According to Kadono, the format of the show is unique, and so other projects could not repeat his success.

Now Vlad is paying the psychic is not as much time as I would like, because he is one of the leading “House-2”. However, the star manages to follow the events of the new season of the show. Kadono appreciated the talents of regular members.

“I thought that the 17th season is all region, the project has outlived its usefulness. Now I look at 18 the season and admit I was wrong. But I’m not going to defend the project, believe it or not – the choice of the viewer. Go see a psychic and will understand why. Just remember that as in any profession, not all experts doing their job conscientiously,” said Kadono.

Fans of the popular TV presenter was divided into two camps. Many have supported him in his quest to defend the show, but there were also those who do not believe in the words of Vlad. “I support you. Watch every edition of “the battle of psychics” with a sinking heart”, “Believe in the existence of paranormal abilities, but not in this country to be so many talented magicians, which is why the first seasons were much better”, – shared his opinion of the fans Kadono.

We will remind, earlier it was repeatedly a scandal concerning the veracity of the tests in the “Battle of psychics.” So, Mikhail Porechenkov, who led the show for several seasons, claimed that there are no real magicians and clairvoyants. However, Marat Basharov and many program participants have protected it. In their opinion, a popular program helps people to believe that there are supernatural powers and paranormal phenomena.