Vitorgan Sobchak took their newborn son home

Виторган забрал Собчак с новорожденным сыном домой

Weekend at the newly made mother was rich. She accepted congratulations from friends and showed the baby a nursery.

Birth Sobchak will certainly be one of the main sobytii of the year. It seems that even at Christmas time many wondered, as the firstborn of the presenter. Boy or girl, would give birth to Xenia on the day of birth or after… in a word, there were many questions.

And here on Friday, November 18, Sobchak herself announced the happy news: “I am a mother of a fine boy.” Fans were delighted, and the journalists smiled: “they Say, and then Ksyusha everything seems to be working. Gave birth on the day of signing of most magazines.”

But the Xenia weekend fully devoted to the family. In the Moscow suburb of Lapino hospital near Xenia was her mother Lyudmila Narusova and her husband Maxim Vitorgan. And if mom was on duty in the ward around the clock. And I think even helped to breathe daughter in the “hour X”, then Maxim came and went.

But, nevertheless, the help of her husband, She estimated. And that picture of blessed first posted from the hospital.

“My most important friend and helper”, – has signed a star of the Vitorgan in robe and the bandage on his face. Vitorgan in such attire really is something like a nurse.

With you was and friends. Be the first to congratulate Ksenia came girlfriend Polina Kitsenko and Oksana Lavrentyeva, as well as the children of Maxim from his first marriage, Pauline and Daniel.

As for the discharge, the stars, it was without any pomp. Was no balloons, no flowers, no flashing cameras. Maxim took his wife and son home from hospital on Sunday evening.

Happy mother with the baby left the hospital. It was there waiting for them Vitorgan on your “range Rover”, according to Life. All things helped to move the son of Maxim – Daniel.

We will remind, Xenia became a mother last Friday. Its interesting position the TV carefully concealed. Choosing outfits loose cut, and all the photographs covered rounded tummy bag.

And admitted telediva only a couple of months ago, when the dimensionless capes stopped to help.