Vitorgan and Sobchak criticized for “extreme” photo with son

Виторгана и Собчак раскритиковали за «экстремальное» фото с сыном
The actor has shown a rare shot of Plato.

Maxim Vitorgan with his son Plato

Photo: @mvitorgan (Instagram Maxim Vitorgan)

Maxim Vitorgan showed a new picture with a six-month son. A rare shot with a little Plato, of course, was the reason to start a heated debate fans. One of them was touched on the “chubby” kid, and others decided to criticize the head of the family.

In the photo he was holding Plato depicted by the stem “upside down”. Children, as you know, at this age like such fun with their parents. These exercises, by the way, and well develop the vestibular apparatus of the child. But among fans Vitorgan, there were those who considered the extreme, and is a little unacceptable.

“The horror! Ksenia approve of it? One doctor turned so the neck of the child of my friend, a little invalid did not! Was treated for six months, the neck didn’t work!”, “This should make a knowledgeable doctor! I have a friend now doing to the child, rejoiced, and on the hands she had stood, and in adolescence it was found that she had dislocated both her hips, both evenly… Now operations all correct!” — wrote Maxim.

The Vitorgan refers to the constant criticism with humor. Anticipating a similar reaction, Maxim wrote under the photo: “adhesive tape for advisers!”

By the way, recently it became known that the mother of Plato Ksenia Sobchak’s thinking to change the name of the son on the double. Now it is recorded in documents as Plato M. Vitorgan.