Вито Шнабель снова изменил Хайди Клум

Relationships Vito Schnabel and supermodel Heidi Klum again like a roller coaster. The Western press reported that the boyfriend of a celebrity who once cheated on her. This time with a pretty brunette. A couple caught kissing one of the London restaurants late at night. Vito kissed a stranger in the Parking lot and continued to do so even in a taxi. If not for the photo, Heidi, who is now on the set of the TV show America’s Next Top Model in new York, would never have learned about it.

Vito is the best of its traditions denies cheating on Heidi. Schnabel insists that brunette that the photographers caught in his arms was a “close friend of the family”

“I was accused wrongly. What I say in my address – incorrectly interpreted a harmless situation. This girl is a good friend of the family, nothing happened between us. I just wished her Goodnight, and we went in different directions,” said Vito.
Heidi has yet to respond to the incident, and, according to insiders, to put the Vito is not going to. Maybe she believes his words about “friend of the family.”