Витас устроил пьяный дебош со стрельбой из пистолета
Singer scared to death of inhabitants of rublevki.



Vitaliy Grachev, known to the public under the pseudonym of Vitas,
staged a drunken brawl in Barvikha, where he lives. Artist half to death scared
residents of the cottage settlement “florans”, staging the firing of the starting gun,
which was shot while on the porch of his townhouse. According to “MK”,
the incident happened at about 11 am.

My roommates heard loud bangs
reminiscent of the shots. The tenants were not to address themselves to the police, and called
the management company of the village elite. The representative on the phone told about
the incident to law enforcement. As told to the policeman who visited
the scene, Vitali not only refused to let police into the house, but
even talking to them. “I thought he was drunk,” says
COP. Ministers of the order had to break the door. Initially they do not
was going to do, having decided to be limited to oral conversation, but when
the police left, they heard shots. After that, the policeman called
backup. Arrived investigative team and immediate
response headed by the chief of police broke down the door, since attempts
to persuade Grachev to let them in the house, and did not succeed.

Friends of Vitas, who witnessed the events described, claimed,
that sounds that the residents and the police took the shots, just the fireworks,
which he celebrated a significant event in their lives: setting their
jubilee — the hundredth — wax sculpture in China, where the artist is the star
of the first magnitude. However, when the plot at the bully seized the starting gun, he
admitted that the shot, scattering the crows. According to neighbors of the musician, this is not the first
such a trick Vitas. In fact
the incident criminal case has not yet opened. Staff barvikhinskaya police
the test is carried out.