Витасу дали срок за стрельбу в загородном поселке
The singer was sent to serve his sentence directly from the courtroom.

Витасу дали срок за стрельбу в загородном поселке


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Vitas was sentenced to seven days
administrative arrest after the firing of the starting gun, which he
staged near his country house in the exclusive village. First singer
was fined 500 rubles for disorderly conduct, but prosecutors later sought the tightening

“Administrative detention is the expected solution
the court, since, given the public outcry and referral of the case to the court, was
it is clear that a fine is not rid, commented telegrams-channel Super the arrest of the artist, his lawyer Sergei Zhorin. — I explained Vitaly these
consequences. Initially he was fined 500 rubles, followed by
a lot of critical publications, said he lightly. Obviously
what did it affect to the decision was reversed, and the case was sent for
the trial in the court. Given the fact that he pleaded guilty, he
repents and understands that it is wrong, it is with this decree, I agree
and will serve his punishment.”

Vitas staged a drunken brawl with shooting from a pistol

We will remind, last week the actor to death scared
residents of the cottage settlement “florans”, staging the firing of the starting gun,
fired from the porch of his townhouse. It happened around 11 o’clock
am. Housemates heard a loud popping noise resembling shots.
The tenants were not to address themselves to the police, and called the management company
the elite of the village. The representative on the phone reported the incident
the law enforcement agencies.

As told to the policeman who visited the place
the incident, Vitali not only refused to let police into the house, but even
to talk to them. Ministers of the order had to break the door. Originally
they were not going to do that, having decided to be limited to oral conversation, but when
the police left, they heard shots. After that, the policeman called
backup. Arrived investigative team and immediate
response headed by the chief of police broke down the door, since attempts
to persuade Grachev to let them in the house and did not succeed. Friends
Vitas, who witnessed the events, claimed that the sounds
residents and police took the shots, just the fireworks, which he
celebrating a significant event in his life: for their anniversary,
cell, the wax sculptures in China where the actor is the star of the first
value. However, when the plot at the bully seized the starting gun, he
admitted that the shot, scattering the crows. According to neighbors of the musician, it’s not
the first such outburst Vitas.