Vitaly Seduc exposed Ksenia Sobchak

Виталий Седюк разоблачил Ксению Собчак

For a long time about the pranker Vitaly Seduce was not heard and so, over the past month, Ukrainian journalist stepped up and made several unusual antics. The most memorable at the moment is kiss artificial priests Kim Kardashian.

On his page on Instagram Vitaly and showing off her antics and tries to bring them to the attention of an increasing number of people. of course, deslanoside Vitali knows no bounds.

The guy is at it again and it began to be promoted at the expense of other stars. This time the star was Ksenia Sobchak.

In his microblog Vitaly posted a video which shows the Xenia. Journalist and TV presenter is heading to the Chanel fashion show within the fashion Week in Paris. When watching a video in the eye catches the absence of the stomach Sobchak. But now she is almost pregnant and due to give birth in the near future. The subscriber Seduce immediately began to wonder about natural pregnancy Xenia? Or is it still a show hosted by a family of Sobchak-Vitorgan, while the surrogate mother bears a child?

To find out the truth we had to conduct a mini-investigation and here is the conclusion to which we came. In pregnancy presenter, no doubt. Visit Seduce video was published a year ago. There’s something Xenia really slim and not pregnant.