Vitaly Milonov requires check again “beauty and the beast” on gay propaganda

Виталий Милонов требует снова проверить «Красавицу и чудовище» на гей-пропаганду

State Duma Deputy from the party “United Russia” Vitaly Milonov requires a re-examination of the disney movie “beauty and the beast” for gay propaganda.

The officer is going to initiate a re-examination at the expense of propaganda of same-sex relationships on the basis of the Institute or center. Milon is going to prove that the musical is not just a children’s tale, and the promotion of homosexuality. And for the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation, which are not seen in the film is nothing to be ashamed of, Vitali was ready to become a consultant.
“If necessary I am ready personally to lead and to form an expert Commission, which I would ask, for example, Ivan Okhlobystin and Mel Gibson” — said the Deputy homophobic.
Their children Milon will not lead to the cinema on this film for any price.
We will remind that earlier the Ministry of culture in the face of Vladimir Medinsky said that no propaganda in “Beauty and the beast,” the Agency found.
“We have a report of the Institute of cultural heritage Likhachev. They watched the film in detail, the whole Commission,” said Medina in proof of his words.
Recall that in the Russian hire film “beauty and the beast” will be available March 16. The main roles in the film, which will be released with the age limit of 16+, played by Emma Watson and Dan Stevens.