Виталий Гогунский «наказал» врачей на 100 тысяч рублей Star of TV series “Univer” has achieved a moral compensation. Substandard medical service rendered nearly brought the actor to the tragedy. Vitaly Gogunsky has managed to achieve justice.

      Виталий Гогунский «наказал» врачей на 100 тысяч рублей

      Vitaly Gogunsky has managed to defend their rights in the struggle for compensation after a botched medical procedure. The actor of the series “Univer” were in an unpleasant situation – he had paid a round sum for the removal of wisdom teeth and implant placement in one of the dental clinics. However, the treatment resulted in an unforeseen complication, because of which Gogunsky was in intensive care.

      Sadly, the actor didn’t leave this event without attention and, coming to himself, demanded that doctors compensation. A source close to the actor said that the case was resolved without scandal.

      “Today, the court approved a settlement agreement between Vitaly Gogunsky and dental clinic “dental group” under the claim about protection of consumer rights. Under the terms of the settlement agreement defendant paid Gogunsky spent on the treatment of the amount of 152 thousand 850 roubles and moral compensation in the amount of 100 thousand rubles”, – said a friend of the artist.

      Gogunsky, the representative said that in August 2014, the actor went to the dental clinic for help. After a badly performed procedure, he started the inflammation, which took a severe form.

      “Some time after treatment, plaintiff began to experience pain, I felt weak, swollen jaw and had a fever. In the place where has been removed the tooth, started the inflammatory process. Gogunsky was in intensive care, where doctors had to fight for his life, and after a week spent in the hospital”, — told the interlocutor of the Agency RIA”.

      We will remind, Vitaly Gogunsky is a popular actor and showman. Viewers know him for his role Kuzya of the “Univer”. Meanwhile, in the life of 37-year-old actor is a much more serious man than his hero. Vitaly already has plans to settle down and find his companion. Desperate to do it yourself, in the early spring Gogunsky granted to Larisa Guzeeva in the program “let’s get married”.

      Vitaly Gogunsky has chosen his bride

      “Personal life is my weak point, because I have devoted lot of time as a professional, all my experiences and thoughts were devoted, of course, the profession”, confessed the actor in the First channel. In addition, he said he was ready to change – he wants a family and children. The girl he chose on the show, it seems, failed to melt his heart. A couple more never seen together.

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