Vitaly Gogunsky marry the mother of your child

Виталий Гогунский женится на матери своего ребенка The actor has decided to legalize the relationship with Irina, Marco. According to Giganskogo, the wedding will take place this spring. According to the star of the TV series “Univer”, family are very happy for them. The daughter of a pair of Milan is also happy that mom and dad are a family again.

      Виталий Гогунский женится на матери своего ребенка

      At the end of last year, the 38-year-old actor returned to the model Irina, Mirko, which six years ago gave him a daughter Milan. Apparently, the star of the series “Univer” I had to lose to realize the value of these relationships. Now the pair is preparing for the wedding, and having gone through a breakup that happened four years ago, Vitaly and marriage with the financier Anna – this experience was unsuccessful, in 2015, the couple broke up. And all returned to their seats.

      “Ira and I decided to get married, – admitted “StarHit” Gogunsky. And spring is the best time for the happy event. We all know life and love are unpredictable. Now I have a feeling that Ira and I parted. The celebration will be arranged in Moscow for friends and loved ones. Family happy for us, especially my mother Tatiana. I was all the rules proposed. And soon going to apply to the Registrar”.

      Milan is also happy that mom and dad are a family again, although the actor and always devoted much time to the education of girls. The last two years, the girl regularly goes with his father on stage, they even recorded a few songs.

      “At the end of April we will fly to play in London – continues the singer and actor. – We were invited to the big event, which for me is very honorable. And very soon, going from Milan to Finland – to a music Studio to record our song “Peace”. It was translated into four languages. In English it sounds just cosmically”.