Vitaly Gogunsky furious for repairs made to it TV program

Виталий Гогунский в ярости из-за ремонта, сделанного ему телепрограммой The family of actor intends to sue. Vitaly Gogunsky participated in the transfer of repair, where they were asked to decorate a room for my daughter Milana. However, the quality of the work performed has led parents in horror.

Not so long ago the star of the show “Univer” Vitaly Gogunsky has played a wedding with his beloved Irene. After marriage one of the TV channels offered the newlyweds his help in updating the apartment. The couple decided to give my daughter a surprise Milan and refurbish her room. The family moved to a country house and began to look forward to, what will be able to surprise the designers.

As soon as Vitaly, Irina Milan and crossed the threshold of the apartment, they were dumbfounded. According to them, the child stood the furniture is low quality, the Wallpaper is kept “on parole”, and the floor started to move away from the walls. Despite a soft pink color, bedroom little resemblance to the Princess’s room. Seven-year-old girl even burst into tears of resentment. “StarHit” contacted the wife of the actor.

“I was nervous when you think about it, – admitted Irina. Now the lawyer advised us to take two or three days of reflection”.

The last straw for Vitaly and Irina was that workers replaced them with nice wooden Windows with plastic. Spouses do not understand why it was necessary to pick frames that cost 15 thousand dollars. The demands the return of their old furniture Gogunska was refused. This situation angered the family, who is now preparing a lawsuit for one million rubles.

Vitaly and Irina Gogunskaya upset when he saw the child’s tears. For the sake of happiness is lovely. they are ready to go at all – after all, it has reconciled the mother and father after a separation. “I started spending a lot of time, we became more and more interesting together. One day I wanted to relax with my daughter, and she said, “I’m not the best mom will not go!” That’s fly to Sochi all together, look, and Irina is so beautiful on the beach, all eclipsed,” – said Gogunsky “StarHit”.

Milan also played a key role on the wedding of their parents. She performed the song “One day in December,” under which the bride and groom danced the first dance. All the participants were delighted with the talent of a girl who decided to give such a gift to parents. Irina and Vitaly was happy that the child made their celebration even more touching. Vitaly Gogunsky threw a lavish wedding. PHOTO. VIDEO