Виталий Кличко рассказал про Тома Круза и Арнольда Шварценеггера

Виталий Кличко рассказал про Тома Круза и Арнольда Шварценеггера

Most recently, Vitali Klitschko was invited as a guest in the program “Star way”, as he is the biggest star in the world, familiar with many famous celebrities. Vitaly gave an extensive interview in which has told about the acquaintance and fellowship with two great actors: Tom cruise and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Incidentally, quite recently, Tom cruise came to the capital of Ukraine, where a sightseeing tour of the city he was held personally by the mayor Vitaly Klitschko.

The first meeting occurred in men back in 2003, that period of his life, former boxer lived permanently in Los Angeles. Together with Tom he carried the Olympic flame as a global sports star. Vitaly noted that Cruz is a famous actor in the world, but with such popularity it is quite easy to talk to and does not consider himself a star. Although their meeting in Kiev was the second, Klitschko felt like they’ve been friends for a lifetime. The mayor told a funny fact: when walking around Kiev, many people recognized the actor, came to him with various requests, and with all kindly greeted and did a joint photo.

Also Vitaly told about the unusual case, which happened at the home of Arnold Schwarzenegger. When the Klitschko brothers was very young and just started their sport, all their room was hung with posters with pictures of Arnold, he was their idol. When Vitali grew up, became a professional in his field, he met Arnold personally and even visited him at home. What was his surprise when on the wall near his idol, he saw a picture of myself with my brother. Klitschko admitted that he had never imagined that Schwarzenegger himself will sit on his fights in the first row, to support and scream. After the battle, he certainly came in the locker room and talked about their experiences. As with Tom cruise he began his fellowship with Arnold, when he lived in Los Angeles. Since men are warm, friendly, and always call each other if they are in one place.

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