“Visiting barnstormer” from Alexander Ovechkin turned the fans

«Заезжий гастролёр»: от Александра Овечкина отвернулись фанаты
Why criticize the star of the Russian hockey?

Alexander Ovechkin

Photo: Social Networks

The social network is full congratulations to the national team of Russia on hockey won gold at the Olympic games in Pyeongchang. With the victory of the athletes, congratulations and stars, and the fans… But in microblog Alexander Ovechkin publication with warm words of colleagues did not appear. More recently, he promised to fly to South Korea from America where he lives with his wife, and to make the national team. And now not even congratulated the Champions with a victory.

The attention it drew Stanislav Sadalsky. “They said Russia is my country, anyway I will be in Korea… and didn’t come. A perfect occasion to reflect. And we – what are all these sausage immigrants — wrote Sadalsky. But I’m still happy that the NHL-sheep are not played in this competition.At least our guys really are there, even under all the camouflage, it is Russia: the Russian who live in Russia, and not some touring artists. And now you guys are Golden…”

Later his idea was picked up by other netizens, stravinskii Alexander because he allegedly ignored an important for his native country win. Many have turned away from idol after the incident. Fans Ovechkin came to his defense, reminding that America is still sleeping, so no congratulations from Alexander in the Network. “And anyway, maybe he personally called the guys that you attacked him?” write hockey fans.