Виолетте Поляковой пришлось покинуть «Битву экстрасенсов» из-за травмы головы During the recording of the ninth edition of the program clairvoyant said that more can not be on the set. She was diagnosed with a concussion, and because of this, the witch now hard to cope with the challenges. So she chose to leave the project.

      After leading “the battle of psychics” Marat Basharov announced the name of the strongest and weakest participants in the ninth edition, Violetta Polyakov, to the surprise of all the magicians and mediums who said that viewers won’t see her again because she is not able to participate further. The girl reported that she received a traumatic brain injury and is now unable to speak on equal terms. In her confession, she had enough hard was the last test, so the Gypsy doesn’t want to neglect the health and should go for treatment.

      Obviously, for the crew this statement Polyakova was unexpected, because in no way was trying to cause pity towards themselves and came to the Playground in high spirits. Even in the last episode the audience is difficult to determine whether Violetta is at least some serious health problems. But as it turned out, because of a tram of the head clairvoyant can be very difficult to work with.

      What do we know about Gypsy Violetta Polyakova

      “Due to recent events in my life that I now have to leave the project. I was injured and continue to be tested can not. I have a concussion, and this problem is hard to pass the test,” said Polyakova during the recording of the program.

      Marat Basharov expressed their sorrow and wished the witch a speedy recovery. He reminded viewers that Violetta was one of the few who at the time was able to find the person in the car in the qualifying stage. The moderator noted that Gypsy really is a strong party and could confidently fight on. That, in turn, thanked all those people who supported her during this time. She wished the participants good luck and success in passing the new tests.

      Probably the clairvoyant now supports her family. She has a husband and five children, which she periodically said, stressing that for her it was the biggest achievement in life. In the opinion of the viewers and participants, Violetta did not have time to manifest itself as it should have been. In the words of the witches, it really laid a strong paranormal abilities, but it is not always successfully applied, the result never appeared in a white envelope. She Polyakova, apparently, is optimistic and has no regrets about his premature retirement from “the battle of psychics”.

      “To all who supported me, I apologize. Very sorry that I can’t go further”, – said the Gypsy.