Vintage photo of Anna Semenovich blew “Instagram”

Раритетное фото Анны Семенович взорвало «Инстаграм» In the Network there is a discussion of the appearance of the singer. Seeing the Anna Semenovich in adolescence, many users of the popular social network has decided that over time it has changed beyond recognition. A separate subject of debate was the breast size of the star.

      Perhaps you can surprise a few snapshots of the stars in his youth – almost every hero gossip is easily recognizable, has long been familiar to the public, and hardly rare photos, is able to cause a violent reaction. However, the exception was Anna Semenovich. Those who are familiar with the biography of the singer, know that in the past a great place in her life held a sports artist from childhood engaged in figure skating and made a lot of progress. However, in the future, the future pop star had to leave the ice, and that’s when her appearance changed dramatically. The name of Anna Semenovich, the audience heard again in the year when it became part of the group “Brilliant”, but then the ex-skater was not found. Needless to say, how many times the subject of discussion of the public was magnificent bust of the artist. While she always claimed that spicy part of the body which it can boast, is not a good work of plastic surgeons, and a gift of mother nature.

      Once again this topic has stirred the public and sparked another controversy. The reason for this was the publication of the picture Semenovich in his youth. Old photo of the screen star appeared in one of the accounts on the popular social network and instantly spread around the Internet. Seeing the picture made back in the heyday of the sports career of Anna, many could not believe their eyes. While some began to argue about the “naturalness” of the current bust celebrity, other and refused to acknowledge the fact that the photo captures it so difficult to recognize in the modest lady is a spectacular blonde who has recognized sex symbols of our platform.

      “A delusion, they are two different people, Before, there was a sweet, beautiful and natural, and now made”, “What are you talking about, this is not it”, “Anna does not know”, – wrote the user’s Instagram.

      Interestingly, at some point joined the discussion and the mayor. Singer hastened to intervene in the conversation and comment on the emergence on the Internet of her old image. “Well I’m cute at any age!” – said the star.