Antique French fashion house Givenchy degenerates Ragged instead of aristocratic luxury.

Antique French fashion house Givenchy degenerates Paris Men's Fashion Week couldn't have done without the show of the famous French brand Givenchy.
But after the departure of Hubert de Givenchy, who dressed Audrey Hepburn, Jacqueline Kennedy and Grace Kelly, much has changed in the fashion house. Over the past 25 years, seven designers have changed. And to call the current Givenchy a model of elegance and relaxed chic, the language does not turn. fashion house Givenchy is degenerating” />

The current couturier Matthew Williams presented quite simple and boring looks at the show: a torn bottom and an elongated top. A mandatory attribute on his neck is almost always a chain, possibly personifying the lack of freedom of a person. And, as a tribute to everyone who is already fed up with the coronavirus, some models still have a mask to match the suit.
Maybe I'm being too critical, but I expected something more interesting and original from the old French brand. And, by the way, see for yourself.

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