Венсан Кассель рассказал, трудно ли жить с младшей на 30 лет женой


52-year-old French actor Vincent Cassel believes that a romantic relationship age does not matter. And marriage is work for people of any age.

Венсан Кассель рассказал, трудно ли жить с младшей на 30 лет женой

Kassel for more than a year married to 30-year-old model Tina Kunaki. In April 2019, the couple had a daughter of Amazon. In a recent interview with ELLE, the actor talked about the difficulties and joys of family life.

The actor said that by and large, the age does not matter for the relationship, and the difficulties can (and will!) occur in all pairs. In his opinion, all the main to keep balance.

— I think in General to live with someone difficult in any case. There is a saying: “Together cramped apart boring us”. It’s all in the balance that is necessary to support day-to-day. It is impossible to find the balance point and leave it at that; it won’t last forever, — said Kassel. — You need to constantly work, to seek, to adjust… I am Sure that with their peers to build a life together very difficult. You see, problems are everywhere, and at the same time, it is impossible to make the problem. And age is just a aspect to consider.

Венсан Кассель рассказал, трудно ли жить с младшей на 30 лет женой

Vincent said and what is trying to avoid in relation to their children. Recall, except for a small Amazon, the actor has two daughters from his first wife Monica Bellucci – 15-year-old virgin, and a 9-year-old Leonie.

So, according to 52-year-old actor, he tries not to be selfish.

— Each of us has a certain penchant for selfishness. What I’m trying to avoid is the selfish behavior towards children. Children should always stand in the forefront. It’s the only thing people should be more himself. Therefore, if first of all try to think about the children and only then about yourself, there’s a chance that everything will be all right, — said Vincent.

Vincent Cassel added that a family and a job is something that helps not to become despondent.

— There is always some incentive. First of all, I love what I do. I still get pleasure from the work. In addition, quite absorbed in family Affairs. If you have a busy personal life, a favorite thing, which allows to ensure the existence of many problems simply disappear, — said Kassel.

We will remind, Vincent Cassel 14 years marriage with Italian actress Monica Belluci. From this marriage he had two children. In 2013, the couple announced the divorce, and the actor moved to his native France.

With a young model Tina Kuniaki, the actor met during a holiday in 2015. Later the stars began to meet secretly, avoiding the General public outputs. A year later Vincent Cassel has said publicly that his favorite is Tina Kunaki. The couple actively participated in social events, and career models noticeably began to develop.

In August of 2018 Tina Kunaki and Vincent Cassel are officially married. The ceremony was held in the circle of close relatives and friends in the small town of Bidart. During the year the couple had a daughter, which they called Amazon.

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