Венсан Кассель женился на молодой модели Тине Кунаки

The story of 21-year-old model Tina Kunaki and 51-year-old actor Vincent Cassel conquered the public. About romance of the stars already written a popular publication, and the couple gave a Frank interview in which has told about the acquaintance, the reactions of relatives of the young bride and the wedding. Now came the day when the actor took model wife. The event went great and the dress pattern conquered all the guests! Find out what it was.

Венсан Кассель женился на молодой модели Тине Кунаки

It all started with the most important — marriage. The couple became husband and wife in the city hall of the small town of Bidart in the South West of France, near Biarritz, where, by the way, the lovebirds already have a house.

Bridesmaid dress is just perfect! The fluffy skirt and corset, the calling, all traditional light. Especially to spend money on a big wedding stars decided not to. The model came with a loose MOP of curly hair, the simple bouquet, and most importantly — happy smile. Details of the event on the network yet, and also about what guests attended the event. It is known that Tina before the wedding celebrating a bachelorette party and appeared in a short white dress.

Венсан Кассель женился на молодой модели Тине Кунаки
To hide the affair the couple is not going to, so informed made the cover issue of Vanity Fair, in which he spoke about the impending wedding, a relationship with a girl two times younger, and Monica Bellucci.

The actor claims that young model filled a void in his life. “I thought I was married, I have two daughters, I did everything I was supposed to do. I lived the single life. It was fun, but at some point I realized that my life is empty. I couldn’t have hoped to meet someone, but it happened. And this woman is much younger than I could have imagined,” says Vincent. The actor did not know that a person does not choose who falls in love. He was very surprised when I found out the age of the girl.

“The next day after we met, I found out not only how young Tina, but her father was very worried last night that his daughter came later than usual. Then I asked her that we all went to lunch. And at that moment I thought that, perhaps, this is crazy — we’ve only just met yesterday. But I still did it,” began Vincent. Tina continued: lunch was not only father but also her brother. Everything went great: the guys talked about the movie and had a good time.

“Marriage is a promise that we can give to each other before becoming a family,” says the actor about wanting to get married. Vincent does not deny that soon their family will be kids.

“When he proposed to me a few months ago, I was very surprised. We never talked about. I did not answer immediately, because I just did not expect this,” says Tina.