Villa Vlad Sokolovsky and Dakota was robbed in Bali

Виллу Влада Соколовского и Дакоты обокрали на Бали
Now the stars looking for a new place of residence.

Photo: Instagram

Not everything is so rosy in the Paradise island of Bali, as they say it is his regulars. So Rita Dakota with Vlad Sokolovsky faced with the ordinary things in this area — with the theft. Unknown got on the territory of the Villa where now lives the star the family and stole their bike. Still missing the keys of the rented car, but, fortunately, the car is not stolen. Whether the offender did not dare to start the car in the middle of the night, afraid to Wake people up, whether it was a bike, and he “grabbed” at the same time all the keys from the vehicle.

“Funny situation, next to the keys lay cameras, computers and even a purse with 200$ and all it did not take, — said Sokolowski in the morning, when he discovered the loss. Now waiting for the owner and the people who gave us rent a bike and a car, we will somehow everything to deal with it. Strange coincidence that today, the Villa staff day off. We are sure that it is directly connected”.

In the end, the singer spent several hours at the police station, where he gave readings, wrote a statement and doing other bureaucratic “paperwork”. Even more upset because it was the first Sunny day on the island for a week — and all the more fortunate tourists spent it on the beach.

Sokolowski after police went to look for a new place of shelter for his large family.

“After the theft did not really want to stay in this place, — said Vlad. — Toured several of the villas can next year get here a realtor! (Laughs). But in General in Bali, such a situation is tolerated much more positive than in the same Moscow. I wish everyone to relate easier to the like… most Importantly, all alive, healthy and happy!”

We will remind, right after the New year Sokolowski, Dakota, their baby daughter, MIA, parents of Vlada and mother of Dakota big company flew the “hibernate” in Bali. They have long dreamed about this trip. Once their plans are almost ruined when in the autumn in this very district, where he was to live stars, woke up to a terrible volcano on mount Agung. But the situation has stabilized, and the singers decided to take a chance, since everything is already planned and paid for.

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