Viktoriya Dayneko was justified for the black eye

Виктория Дайнеко оправдалась за синяк под глазом
The singer told how he was injured.

Victoria Dayneko

Photo: Instagram

Fans have reviewed photo Victoria Daineko in her personal blog a black eye! By publishing the photo, the singer was quick to tell what happened to her to prevent rumors about domestic violence. It turns out that Vick had a hard folder with documents!

“Every time you think worse can’t, it always occurs
“can”! — said Vika. — For example, your eye is suddenly “attacked” a folder with the top
rack shelf!”

And all anything, if in that moment Daineko wasn’t home alone with a small child!

Assistant Vicky had already gone about their business, and Daineko had no chance to go to the doctor.

God, there are neighbors who would help than you can temporarily treat and
friends who travel abroad mom bringing medication, — says the singer. — I’ll live, as well as
cry will be painful, better to laugh at yourself and your luck!”

Recently Daineko literally chasing trouble: first she got a bad cold and infected her husband and daughter, and then ripped back. And now a bruise, which during performances have much to retouch.

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