Viktor Sukhorukov rebuked Dmitry Nagiyev selfishness

Виктор Сухоруков упрекнул Дмитрия Нагиева в эгоизме Monday on channel TNT starts the airing of “Teacher”. The new series will unfold in Zheleznogorsk and one of the main roles starred Viktor Sukhorukov. People’s artist of Russia, told the journalists about the work on the project.
Виктор Сухоруков упрекнул Дмитрия Нагиева в эгоизме

9 Oct channel TNT kicks off a new season of “the Teacher” follows the adventures of Thomas in the performance of Dmitry Nagiyev. Event of the continuation of the project takes place not in school, and in the theater. The plot of the series, Thomas is saved from bankruptcy with a dramatic scene of Zheleznogorsk. As the press service of the local cultural institution manages the biological father of the main character Ernest Petrovich Shilovsky, played by Viktor Sukhorukov.

Recently, people’s artist of Russia gave an interview in which he spoke about filming and working with nagievym. Sukhorukov said that repeatedly cross paths with peers in different locations.

Виктор Сухоруков упрекнул Дмитрия Нагиева в эгоизме“Looked into the archive and by some Providence I ran across a photo with Nagiyev. The series “Russian special forces”, the television and so on. In the “Teacher” we have always been different for the production of energy. Nagiyev is an excellent partner”, – said the actor.

In recognition Sukhorukov it was hard for him to get into the rhythm of working on the series, unlike Nagiyev. So Viktor sometimes felt insecure. Speaking on joint work with Nagiyev, the actor admitted that he had not crossed paths with him outside the set.

“Dmitry conveyor, taciturn, self-absorbed, arrogant, haughty, silent. We never in all the time even a Cup of tea drank. During the break, chatting about nothing. He respected me? It seemed that Yes. Afraid? Also noticed. Felt to me the actor’s affection? Yes. It seemed to me that he worked comfortable. But I couldn’t keep up with him. And this lag its just annoying. He allowed himself even to misbehave – to not go according to plot”, – said Sukhorukov.

Viktor believes that Dmitry – “dear actor”. According to Sukhorukov, they Nagiyev in different weight categories. The actor said that not always could understand unexpected colleagues, when he allowed himself to depart from the script.

During the conversation with journalists Sukhorukov also commented on the recent sad anniversary – 15 years since the death of Sergei Bodrov. Victor Ivanovich perfectly communicated with the famous actor and Director. According to Sukhorukov, he had trusted him with their secrets.

Mother of Sergey Bodrov regularly visits the place of his death

“It remained for me Sergei Bodrov. Believed in him from the beginning. Loved him? Of course. Trusted? How. And a lot of what he admitted to me. Told why he left “the View”, talking about the relationship with his father, wife and mother. With children it to communicate and see each other still” – quoted by Victor I. the newspaper “Evening Moscow”.