Виктор Проскурин сумел победить рак и анорексию The actor was the guest of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Korchevnikov on the TV channel “Russia 1”. Viktor Proskurin openly admitted that he suffered from alcoholism, and a few years ago he was struggling with cancer. After that, the weight of the artist was nearly 40 pounds.
Виктор Проскурин сумел победить рак и анорексию

Viktor Proskurin remember Soviet and Russian viewers for his roles in the films “Big change”, “12 chairs”, “Cruel romance”, “Queen of spades”.

The actor candidly revealed that a series of horrific events and news literally chased the actor for a long time. First Proskurin got in an accident. The actor admitted that he violated traffic regulations.

“The ice was. Decided on the traffic lights to change the number. The girl who rode beside also wanted to slip…” – remembered Proskurin.
Виктор Проскурин сумел победить рак и анорексию

The result of the accident was the rupture of the liver Victor. Artist literally thrown out of the car. Passing by stopped and brought the actor to the nearest hospital. “I was a good material for the doctor” – ironically Proskurin.

The actor said that quickly went on the amendment. With the doctor who saved him, the artist then even became friends…

Victor A. was married “about five times”: “arithmetic I are not friends. So to give an exact figure can’t.” First, another student of marriage with classmate Olga Gavrilyuk the actor was born the daughter of Alexander – his only child. People’s artist of Russia said that the heiress he was “in friendly relations”, the understanding between them appeared only then, when Sasha was 20 years old.

Today here stands a happy marriage with Irina Honda. A few years ago, a woman saved him from alcoholism. However, after this test was followed by a new.

“Anorexia, of 42 pounds… She has been associated with cancer. Probably beat the disease…” – said the actor.

In recognition of Viktor Alekseevich, he didn’t want to become hostage to the diagnosis. Therefore started to be treated in this fully supported his beloved wife Iryna, who is under the age of the actor almost 20 years. Together they overcame this serious illness. “I would say that if you agree with some things, you become a prisoner. And I want my character left the force,” – said the actor.