Viktor Loginov spoke about the latest in your life wedding

Виктор Логинов заговорил о последней в своей жизни свадьбе The actor lives with his new wife after the third divorce. Victor Loginov admitted that for him the most important thing in a relationship. The star of the show “Happy together” thinks about marriage, but wants to be sure beloved to the end.

In the fall of 2016, the year the actor Viktor Loginov said that he divorced with his wife Olga. He has admitted that he is very sensitive to separation, although this was his third marriage disintegrated. However, even then, he admitted that long to remain in painful expectation of love. The star of the show “Happy together” was afraid of being alone, and therefore assumed, that soon his heart will be proprietary.

Apparently, the forecast of Viktor came in and now he appeared next to him a girlfriend. As it turned out, the man even thinking about the wedding. However, while he is in no hurry to once again go under the crown, and wants the marriage was the last in his life. Moreover, he plans to arrange a celebration on the island of Bali in Indonesia.

“If it happens, the wedding will be the last time in my life. Where it is not so important. Entourage may be, but for me, attribution is not so important,” – said Loginov.

The man with pleasure talks about love. He believes that it is impossible to build a harmonious relationship, if one person in a couple will constantly give. In his opinion, do not despair and we must find a compromise, if for sweethearts it is important to keep lyubvo.

“It is impossible for life to give one, and second only to cash. Life is the dance that is danced together. It is self-sacrifice. Can not build relationships on behalf of children, in the name provisions, in the name of money, in the name of the kind words. Then it’s not love, it’s greed”, – said the actor.

Apparently, this is now Victor and his new girlfriend are already living together. He talked about some pleasant things, which bring him pleasure. The actor admitted in an interview with “7 days” that he tries not to pay attention to the opinions of others.

“People can see the relationship under the curve of the angle: look, he Breakfast is not cooked and the dishes do not wash, what are they perfect? Maybe he doesn’t want her to cook for him, maybe he likes to do it. For example, I myself love to cook my girlfriend Breakfast. And more important to me that it is me in the evening met, and that’s what she does. And I like to wash dishes. I enjoy it,” admitted Victor.