Viktor Loginov is going through a personal tragedy

Виктор Логинов переживает личную трагедию The actor cannot come to terms with the death of his brother. Victor Loginov admitted that often the mind turns to Eugene and expects that he will appear at least in dreams. Despite the fact that it was a long time artist, with tears in his eyes says a loved one.

      Виктор Логинов переживает личную трагедию

      The star of the show “Happy together” Victor Loginov was the guest of the program “the Secret to a million.” The program presenter Lera Kudryavtseva, the actor revealed his personal secrets. He said that 14 years ago was a terrible tragedy – his older brother Eugene died. The man was only 37 years old when he struck the stroke. Despite the fact that after that sad event, much time has passed, Victor still with tears in his eyes says about his own brother who was the closest person to him.

      “I seem to have with him, something died forever. I feel bad without it. It was the only person who raised me, raised. I still talk to him. After the death of Eugene I was left alone, despite the fact that I have a living father, despite the fact that mom left,” – said Loginov.

      Victor remembered that, after the first stroke of Eugene was hospitalized. The doctors were able to save the man. Loginov bought a ticket to come from Moscow to his hometown of Kemerovo. However, the actor learned that the second attack was incompatible with life.

      Today he often contemplates his brother. The actor has admitted that he thinks about what they could do together if he was alive. Logins proud of his nephews – the sons of Eugene.

      “Once was a dream. I would like to answer the questions – through tears remembered logins. – I’ll never be able to forgive him for what he left.”

      The sitcom star told about the difficult childhood. As it turned out, his parents abused alcohol. He remembered that the first time I tried strong drinks when he was only six years old. Logins shared with Leroy Kudryavtseva, 20 years ago his mom died at the age of 52 years. According to him, she was drunk when she slipped in the bathroom and hit his head. Injury was incompatible with life. It is possible that this was not an accident, but someone’s intent.

      “It was an investigation that achieved nothing. Recently I was told that by her death, someone had a hand. I will tell you, – as if a sin now as it may sound – can be good that it happened, she stopped worrying,” admitted Victor.