Viktor Loginov brought to light grown sons

Виктор Логинов вывел в свет подросших сыновей

  • Виктор Логинов вывел в свет подросших сыновей

    Viktor Loginov sons

  • Виктор Логинов вывел в свет подросших сыновей

    Alla Dovlatov with children

  • Виктор Логинов вывел в свет подросших сыновей

    Yulia Nazarenko with my son

  • Виктор Логинов вывел в свет подросших сыновей

    Maria Butyrskaya family

  • Виктор Логинов вывел в свет подросших сыновей

    Yulia Takshina with children

  • Julia Kuvarzina daughter

The other day in the Great hall of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) held the premiere screening of “Scientific Christmas tree “Wow! How?” – holiday show, during which young visitors and their parents have shown scientific tests and experiments.

The event was attended by many stars of show business. Among guests were seen Viktor Loginov, Alla Dovlatov, Julia Kuvarzina, Maria Butyrskaya, Julia Nazarenko and Yulia Takshina. They go to the science tree not alone, but with their charming children.

“This year, along with the children decided to go to only one new year’s performance, – says the actor and TV host Viktor Loginov. My children are addicted to physics and chemistry, they now learned a lot, for example, about the structure of the Solar system. We were surprised by chemical experiments, tests with electricity. During the presentation of the son several times jumped up and enthusiastically shouted, “Look, look, it’s a Tesla coil!” or “There’s a real Faraday cage!”.

Olympic champion in figure skating Maria Butyrskaya admitted that her children wanted to attend an unusual event. She admitted that she was impressed with what I saw. According to Butyrka, similar scientific and entertainment shows should be more.

In turn, radio host and actress Alla Dovlatov noted that she, too, was interested in the event. She expressed gratitude to the organizers of the Christmas tree. “I liked the fact that the show not only children, but adults could “refresh” the long-forgotten knowledge about physics, chemistry, astronomy, shares his impressions Dovlatov. – What was up with the organizers, very useful. When information about such complex subjects easily served, in the form of a game, the children themselves are drawn to knowledge. Well done!”

Guests of the event participated in the contest of the Academy of Sciences for the best project for the development of Mars and traveled to a distant planet. The show’s host, a mysterious magician and scientist Nicholas, presented children and adults with a lot of bright and unforgettable emotions.