Виктор Батурин хочет отсудить у сестры долг
Viktor Baturin was held in prison for 2 years and was released in January 2016.

Виктор Батурин хочет отсудить у сестры долг

Man accused of fraudulent activities. After the liberation, the Victor was able to establish a relationship with ex-wife Yana Rudkovskaya, but with sister Helen he intends to sue.

According to Baturin, Elena appropriated 25 percent of the shares of the company “Inteko”.

Виктор Батурин хочет отсудить у сестры долг

“When I took power, Buchanan has provided me with all available documentation about his business. Among other documents, I received a contract which, apparently, Buchanan and his sister signed in 2008. This paper interested me, because from this document it follows that Baturina Elena recognizes the existence before Victor Nikolaevich debt in the amount of the market value of 25 % of shares of “INTECO”.

I have repeatedly appealed to the court on how to conduct appropriate handwriting and technical-criminalistic research of this document,” says financial Manager Baturina.

Before that, it was proven that the signature on a document belongs to Elena Baturina.

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