“Viking” with Kozlowski will be released in two versions

«Викинг» с Козловским выйдет в прокат в двух версиях

The first to view will admitted students, the second for adults only.

Before the “Viking” remained a matter of months, and the picture has already earned the title of the most anticipated Russian film in 2016. Of course! One cast is worth something! Daniel Kozlowski, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Maksim Sukhanov and Alexander Bortech…

On a “Viking” worked Konstantin Ernst and Anatoly Maximov, once became the authors of such large projects as “Admiral”, “Vysotsky. Thank God I’m alive” and “Irony of fate. The sequel”. With such a stellar team and a budget of 1.25 billion(!) the film just can’t be boring!

In the past, the now is no doubt unlikely. On Saturday, October 1, the epic blockbuster was first introduced in the Comic Con Russia 2016, the capital’s biggest festival for fans of movies, comics and games.

Producers Konstantin Ernst and Anatoly Maximov, and Director Andrei Kravchuk personally told about the project from the Stage of Heroes.

“We worked on “Viking” 7 years, this is unique for our industry picture. It is based on “the Tale of bygone years”, we tell about real events and real characters from the history of our country. After watching the “Viking” everyone will be able to answer who he is and why he can be proud of the history of his people. It’s a movie about love, about life and death. This movie is about the audience, about each of us. Our team has created many different movies. Now I can say that “Viking” is our best project. We are happy that already very soon you will be able to see this in theaters”, – said Konstantin Ernst.

The premiere movie will be held on December 29. Curiously, the car will be released two versions of the film – with age limit of 12+ and 18+.

Recall that “Viking” is a story about the early middle Ages, the time of heavy swords and dark blood laws. The ruling family in discord. The blame for the accidental death of his brother fell on the Grand Duke. According to the law to avenge him should the younger bastard brother. For refusing to kill, he will pay everything he had. For the world needs more swords than war…

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