Vika Tsyganova resigned to childlessness

Вика Цыганова смирилась с бездетностью The famous singer says that she need only her husband. Vika Tsyganova and have not known the joy of motherhood. However, she found happiness in the chosen. The star has no regrets about the past and looks to the future with optimism.

      Вика Цыганова смирилась с бездетностью

      Vika Tsyganova is one of the few Russian singers, whose work is entirely aimed at education of patriotism, the Orthodox faith and nepotism. Singer for many years by his own example demonstrates that a life that sings. He gives many charity concerts, travels with performances in places of social and political tensions, where people live not easy, supports military personnel in hot spots.

      It always is her beloved husband Vadim Tsyganov. He is working with Victoria as her producer, and also writes her songs. The Duo of singer and poet was developed in the early nineties, since then the pair is inseparable, both in career and in life. During the long years of his life Vadim and Vika were never able to experience the joy to be parents. So was their fate. Tsyganov accepted this fact and found comfort in her husband, who, in turn, doted on her.

      “If I had a child, and at that time I toured the country, then why would a child need a mother? We with Vadik such a marriage, which no one brings suffering. No abandoned or illegitimate children, we are not drug addicts, not alcoholics. Creative and we are normal married family. For me, the Redeemer and kinsman, and brother and husband and lover and father and mother. I can’t even imagine myself with another man. I have enough of one it. He means everything to me!” – told the star.
      Вика Цыганова смирилась с бездетностью

      Interestingly, Tsyganova – very religious people. Spouses often attend Church and often referred to this subject in the songs. According to Victoria, her most close person, in addition to her husband, is a mom who is also always there and supports a daughter in difficult times.

      “I always feel the presence of its guardian angels, my mother’s prayers, her husband. People with faith in the soul cannot suffer hopeless – shared Tsyganov in an interview with the magazine “relax”. – I have all happened the way it happened, and how I wanted. Moreover, I am now ready for new creative discoveries. My wings even more and I can fly even higher, to the stars…”

      By the way, recently Tsyganov has begun preparing a duet with Adriano Celentano. This year marks the 15th anniversary of the singer’s hit “Come to my house”, and they will perform it in tandem with the Maestro.

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