Вика Крутая эффектно обнажилась в Дубае The daughter of the composer shows a feminine shape. For his courage Vika Krutaya received from fans the nickname of “miss sex appeal”. They believe that the young mother is just beautiful and it may compete with Kim Kardashian.

The daughter of the famous composer Igor Krutoy Victoria is not shy to show her magnificent body to subscribers microblog. A young woman, little more than a year ago for the first time became a mother, obviously proud of her forms and the fact that fantastically fast after giving birth regained harmony.

In these may days, Cool Victoria along with husband David Berkowitz is resting in Dubai. And of course, she takes the opportunity to once again effectively to strip and show how she is feminine and good.

Victoria published a few hot pictures stylish swimsuits that accentuate her lovely shape. Likely that these frames are made husband Cool. The man obviously tried to make his sweetheart look seductive and gorgeous. One of the photos the young woman is depicted in full growth on a background of the famous hotel Burj al Arab.

“Sorry for the cliché, but it really is very beautiful”, – signed photo of Vika Krutaya. On other photos taken on the beach, Vicky sits with his back to the one who breaks it. But it only added to the eroticism of the scenes, and noted that subscribers Cool.

“Yummy!”, “Beauty”, “there are No words. Miss sexy”, “Kim Kardashian rest,” “a provocation” “You beauty” – covered young woman complimenting her followers.

By the way, looking at seductive pictures of Cool, it becomes apparent that Victoria has a measure in pursuit of a perfect figure. She’s not torturing yourself with strict diets and does not aspire to excessive thinness. Beauty proves to the fans that you can be attractive, while maintaining a feminine shape.

At the end of November 2015 Vika Krutaya presented to his wife, restaurateur David Berkowitz, the charming daughter of Demi rose. Daughter Vicky grows Steep a copy of the father

Almost immediately after birth she began to struggle with excess weight. The results were not long in coming. Victoria took a little more than a week to easily put on jeans that she wore before pregnancy. A couple months later, as a young mother the doctors allowed physical exercise, Cool became to pay more attention to their figure, in order to obtain the desired shape.