Vika is Cool for my daughter summer wardrobe

Вика Крутая составляет для дочки летний гардероб Little ladies will wear stylish sundresses and Panama in tone. Vick showed some Cool summer images that it was for their baby Demi rose.

      Вика Крутая составляет для дочки летний гардероб

      The daughter of famous composer Igor Krutoy Krutoy Vika definitely has set a goal to grow from his little girl Demi rose is a future style icon. The other day Vic showed Cool new clothes from the summer wardrobe of your tiny heiress. In this fashion there is no place for things unisex – no shirts, no shorts. Outfits from Demi rose brand girls ‘ dresses, sundresses and Panama in tone. All chosen with great love, taste and clearly shows that the Steep Vick knows a lot about the outfits and how should look like a real, albeit still quite small, lady. It is obvious that first summer of my life Demi rose will not only love their parents, but in stunningly beautiful dresses, as befits the heir to a famous family.

      It is worth noting that the very spectacular and very bright young woman, Victoria Steep instills little Demi rose a taste for beautiful feminine things literally since her birth.

      Not long ago, Victoria has demonstrated that with my daughter they tend to be fashionable today, the family look style. In the microblog a young mother published a picture in which she and Demi rose posing in same dress with a floral print. Interestingly, the outfits are exactly the same, dresses the same sleeve, neckline and even length above the knee.

      Fans Cool every time Victoria touched miminum personnel with the participation of Demi rose and sympathetic to the fact that the girl’s parents do not hurry to show them who’s like the heir – Vika chooses only some camera angles that show the face of the baby. But it is obvious that the little Demi rose pretty, because her mother is a real beauty.

      By the way, Vika Cool in recent times has become very willing to post not only pictures of his fashionista daughter, but his own bold photos, proving that after giving birth she is in a terrific shape. She recently made its fans to experience a real storm of emotions. The daughter of the famous composer undressed in front of the camera. The young mother published an erotic selfie in her underwear that caused the contradiction of the feelings of its subscribers. But caustic comments Victoria did not respond, instead of posting the answer in another photo, only in a different perspective. Only moms know what a challenge it is to get in shape after childbirth. Vika Cool throughout all nine months of pregnancy, was holding himself in tight rein. She sat on a strict diet and led an active life, but after birth was out Jogging. A positive result has not kept itself waiting.

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