Вика Дайнеко: «Храню детскую коляску в багажнике автомобиля»
The singer told about what cars prefer and how continued the family “driving” dynasty.

Вика Дайнеко: «Храню детскую коляску в багажнике автомобиля»

Victoria Dayneko

Photo: Yury Feklistov

In our traditional section, the singer says, but guessed from the child seat, pulled my car out of impound and saved right after overtaking on solid.

“During pregnancy I thought about the new car. Wanted to have a roomy, comfortable and safe car. Long could not decide. I like compact cars, but wanted something like a crossover… As you know, pregnant women often come up with unexpected thoughts, and one day my husband and I sit at home, and suddenly I said to him, “get Dressed, went to see the car.” In the cabin, my choice fell on the Audi Q3 — the car of the category “villages and went”. Everything is arranged conveniently, seats, lights, climate control. Easily managed, well picking up speed… And, as I often do, I immediately decided: it is necessary to take. It looked like a “I give”. I was told that only the black model. I really like the black color, but the car came to me in all respects. On the one hand, this is a conservative, neat, nondescript car, and with another — it suits me absolutely everything. I had a different car class and Nissan, and Mercedes, so I have something to compare. The main thing I guess with the trunk: it fits easily stroller. My girlfriend, like me, a young mother, too, keeps the stroller in the trunk of a car. It was very convenient, however, not always possible to Park near the house.

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  • Вика Дайнеко: «Храню детскую коляску в багажнике автомобиля»
    Victoria Dayneko


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