Vika Dayneko: “I was waiting for her husband another solution”

Вика Дайнеко: «Я ждала от мужа другого решения»
The singer spoke frankly about the divorce.

Vika Dayneko


Vika Dayneko has given the magazine “7 days” first interview after the divorce.

“Set point. And when there is clarity, it’s wonderful, he says. singer. — I’m a man: while the final point is not set, can’t go further, even to flirt with men can not. All this time I was waiting for her husband coming out with a solution. And here I finally came. Really hoped for more. Thought he will understand how my daughter dear to him, and begin to do something for the family. But he went the other way — decided on the final break”.

Vika admitted that for a long time lived in a world of illusions, and I saw everything happening as if through rose-colored glasses.

“But, unfortunately, when a child is born, beautiful bubble bursts — said Daineko. I was weak, emotionally and physically dependent on her husband. I needed a strong man beside, who would praise me, were on hand, supported them and said, “Thank you, you gave me the best baby in the world!” Which would be every month on the day of the birth of a daughter brought me a flower, candy or balloon. But, unfortunately, nothing like I got no attention. I thought, “Okay, that’s not the point. It is important to live peacefully and comfortably”. But it was not. Turned out, I think one of our lives… In the end the first year after the birth of a child was very hard.”

My daughter was born in October, and, probably, since January, the couple began to constantly diverge and converge after hard quarrels and scandals…

“All you can worry when you just a couple, and when near a small child, it’s awful. My daughter witnessed our scandals, scared, crying. I didn’t want to raise neurotic and therefore tried to restrain myself, once again to remain silent. Having a car experiences, it was difficult. I began to feel — all this destroys me, impact on health. Our relationship with her husband did not improve, I decided that it was better to leave. It happened at the end of December. I remember the day and the hour and a specific phrase, after which I said, “that’s enough! I love my husband, but love myself more.”

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