Vika Dayneko: “Dima said: “divorce!”

Вика Дайнеко: «Дима заявил: «Все, разводимся!»
The singer told why they broke up.

Вика Дайнеко: «Дима заявил: «Все, разводимся!»

With her husband Dmitry Kleiman wedding day. April 2015

Photo: Philip Goncharov

As it turned out, the husband Vicky Daineko, drummer Dmitry Kleiman (they got married in April 2015. — Approx. ed), was incredibly jealous.

“When we got married, I did absolutely sincerely, — says the singer. I am in love. Besides, I thought once it happened, then it’s fate. I honestly thought so. After all, before Dima had a serious relationship. They really influenced me. But it was impossible to get pregnant. Means, not destiny. And then we just got back together, and everything happened.”

But Dayneko sure that her husband did not live only for the present — he was too much jealous of her past.

“He often started the conflict — says Vika. — And I answered that I was in a relationship, but they have long
forgotten… a Year ago, I flew to the US for five days, there at the Studio we
Dima Bilan voiced cartoon characters “Trolls” we had a clear
schedule and not a minute of free time. When he returned home from
Los Angeles, the husband was badgering me with questions: where was who and what
engaged. Said, “Surely you met with that… Or with that”. When he finally found it, I was going for performance, I have a concert
started an hour and a half, and we have to get there in time. In General,
time for a fight no, I’m not talking, makeup. And he said: “All
divorce”. “.

The singer admits that Dima increasingly began to talk about divorce. “Dima was generally favorite word — “divorce”… And just that —
he opened the wardrobe, looking for the documents, saying: “Give me the original
marriage certificate, I’m going to file for divorce.” I usually
replied: “Well, when you come, I’ll to the court,
tell me what time”.

Although the couple already five months, not living together, the wick is not going to divorce. “But if he wants a divorce, of course, I can’t deny him that, because love can not be. They might want someone to meet…”

The full interview can be read here.

Victoria Dayneko

Photo: Philip Goncharov