Вика Дайнеко хочет сбежать из Москвы
The singer wants to live in Saint-Petersburg.

In connection with the latter, quite difficult events in his personal life, Vika Daineko, it seems, change is needed. She was even willing to move to another city to
it reminded ex-husband Dmitry Kleiman.

“Now I most
dream to live in St. Petersburg, at least a month or two, you see, and Moscow will fall in love with another
stronger, and perhaps would forever remain in the Northern Capital, says Daineko. The soul demands change and movement.”

Vika admitted she is very thankful to the capital for everything
she has.

“By the way, I
moved to Moscow 13 years ago. And
now all my stuff is hard to fit in trucks, says Daineko. — How it happened, I still don’t know!
But thank Moscow for all her gifts that she gave me led to my

Recall that Vika Dayneko for six months does not live with her husband (drummer
Dmitry Kleiman. — Approx.ed.). “I didn’t want to say anything about it.
I think that the relations two people should stay between them. But I still
forced to break the silence. Too many a false information on this
topic” — said the singer in an exclusive interview.

In the last year, the couple quarreled very often. “All of our
quarrel ended the same way: Dima has Packed up and left. Well, I have something to go
nowhere, I’m home with the child, where shall I go? Once in the shower, then time to go
I can’t leave the house because my husband is annoying. So went
always he — said Vika. — I think we even spent more time
apart this year than together. First he disappeared for three days, then became
a week, two a month. But then we still put up. Mostly on my initiative.
At first, after a quarrel, Dima himself would come, but then for some reason stopped. Probably
liked to live alone…”

Vic admits that they are still not ready for normal
dialogue, and can only communicate by email.