Vika Daineko experiencing before his birthday

Вика Дайнеко переживает перед своим юбилеем
May 12, the singer will turn 30 years old.

Photo: Yury Feklistov

At the end of the week Victoria
Dayneko will be 30 years old: how to celebrate this round date, the singer does not know but knows exactly what this day
find yourself in a circle of loved ones. Already
it is known that BC was invited to a party for 65 people. Singer worries that may not
time to organize a celebration, because the holiday already
in a few days.

“Now it burns with a blue flame, and I’m in even more shock. No help — not a problem, come to the assistance. Need
there is a big apartment, but it is also no birthday hanging
in the balance, and nothing that 65 people have confirmed their presence, and someone
especially in this day flies the other end of the Planet, and someone did, and left
Moscow for me. Thanks to some
people for such a beautiful gift for my anniversary, — says Victoria. — There is a chance, of course, that by Friday all will magically grow, but I doubt it. Drink chamomile tea and wait for a miracle. In short, still celebrating
and no one wants to address my questions.”

Recall now Cheryl Cole and her
husband Dmitry Kleiman are not the best period, they can not yet “to settle” even
for a little girl. In April, the couple hosted a second wedding anniversary, which
the couple met apart. In social networks each of them commented
the disorder in the family. Victoria frankly admitted: important family date for it was
“the anniversary of your stupidity.” “When from 14.04 to further joint life fit
was only the dress. All the best ahead. And I’m positive as ever!
Everyone, including myself, I wish you love and hugs!” — said Victoria.

Dmitry also the anniversary of the wedding and
does talking about betrayal. He posted a sad picture of a dog and
the review explained that cherishes a pet that is not capable of
immoral acts. “The only creature on the planet that you will be
love the rest of your life, and not betray!” — he wrote.