Fedor Dobronravov after the news about the stroke was the hero of “Smak”.

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Today in the First channel was shown the edition of the show “Smak” Fedor Dobronravov. The actor looked healthy on the set, joked a lot, and yet, he recently suffered a stroke. The actor was admitted to the hospital in Sergiev Posad directly from the theatre, where he became ill. Later he was transferred to the Metropolitan clinic. Many TV viewers, the question arose: how did he recover quickly?

As it turned out, shooting a cooking show with Dobronravov took place long before he started having health problems. In such cases it is customary to inform viewers about the date when he carried out the shooting. However, the editors of “Gusto” did not do what many have decided that the program was filmed recently.

“He’s already healthy? Fast! Wrote that a stroke… So, shameless lying,” “And that he was discharged already?”, “Yay, my favorite actor! Looks great, glad everything worked out” — written by viewers. Later in the comments there was a clarification that the Dobronravov is still in the hospital. Last week he had a respiratory disease, which doctors have decided not to send the actor home early April 10. Users write in social networks that are disappointed by the “blunder” of the First channel and expect from the creators of “Relish” an apology for the fact that they introduced viewers astray.