Зрители требуют закрыть «Пусть говорят» According to some persons, the authors of poison Dzhigarkhanyan. Many programs were devoted to the history of Armen Borisovich and Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya. People believe that such releases “Let them talk” negatively affect the health of the Director.
Зрители требуют закрыть «Пусть говорят»

“Let them talk” is one of rating programs of the First channel. In the transfer discusses the resonance of history. Dmitry Borisov helped many domestic stars to resolve conflicts with relatives or to find out who is their enemy. A huge number of broadcasts of the show was devoted to the history of relations and divorce Dzhigarkhanyan and Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya. Many believe that the young pianist wanted to acquire only the money of the Director. Because of these unflattering gear Armen Borisovicha’s health deteriorated: several times, the actor admitted to the hospital.

During the filming of one of the last issues of “Let them talk” Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya raised his hand to the 79-year-old Soviet actress Tamara Semin. Rumor has it that the artist decided to go to the presidential Administration with a complaint against a pianist.

In the Internet appeared the petition, which people require to close the transfer. They saw in the context of the program, the violation of several laws.

“We, citizens of Russia and TV viewers demand the immediate termination of the broadcast of the program “Let them talk”, due to the fact that all activities of the program aimed at the illegal gathering and dissemination of information on the private life of individuals, sometimes without their consent or spreading this information in the media. The program “Let them talk” acts as a platform for PR terror against prominent individuals and ordinary people, committed to support the ratings at the expense scandals, dirty stories, humiliation, insults human dignity . We do not need such a talk show. Required care information and programs that will educate young people and to strive for spiritual and moral revival. This program does serious harm to physical and mental health of citizens in our society! Respect the people, listen to our calls to remove this program off the air”, – is spoken in the document text.

In the comments, netizens say that friends Dzhigarkhanyan not once asked you to leave him alone.

“I know that the people who watch over the actor, has repeatedly appealed to the leadership of the channel and personally to Borisov to stop the spread of false information in the program. But greed and the desire to improve ratings, only enhances the excitement of these people. I have no doubt that the health Armen Borisovich directly related to experiences on the basis of his persecution,” said one of the signatories.