VIDEO: Zara went on a drip and told about the disease

ВИДЕО: Зара легла под капельницу и рассказала о болезни
The singer started having problems with health.

Zara has proved that she is a true professional in the business. The singer on the eve shortly before the concert was bad, but to cancel a planned speech, she did not. Before going on stage Zara was intensively treated: took medicines prescribed by a doctor and even lying on a drip, which put arrived on call doctors.

To that the actress brought a crazy work schedule. “Congratulated dear Evgeniy D. Doga, who gave the world so much beautiful music and performed a stunning Waltz from the film “My tender and gentle beast”. Thank you, my family, for their support and good wishes! Realized that I don’t iron man and should rest more. However, the work is not waiting. Tomorrow we fly to new York, where the same day I’m performing at Barclays Center, and the next day we’ll make something very interesting!” says Zara.


Photo: @zara_music Instagram Zara

Incidentally, after leaving the scene, Zara returned the dropper. Fans of star worry that it will not benefit the upcoming scheduled meetings and flights. Recall that in the past year, Zara has divorced with her husband, Sergei Ivanov and now all the hassle associated with raising two children lie on it.